Farmers, firefighters partner to digitally map hazards

Emergency responders could scan code to generate map of homestead
Farmers, firefighters partner to digitally map hazards

The National Farm Medicine Center is working with farmers and firefighters in Wisconsin to create digital maps of farmland hazards.

The idea is that farmers will enter information into a protected database that is tied to a Quick Response code posted on the farm’s mailbox or another prominent location. Arriving firefighters then scan the code using smartphones and receive information about stored chemicals, power lines and other hazards.

Jerry Minor is chief of the Pittsville Fire Department in central Wisconsin. He said injuries on farms tend to be severe, and the things that hurt farmers also create risks for firefighters who respond to accidents.

Joe Ortner said hazards on his dairy farm outside Pittsville include 1,000 gallons of diesel, cleaning chemicals and a 6-foot-deep manure pond.