Farmers, consumers must deal after weather hamper this year’s harvests

Farmers predict price increases at stores
Farmers, consumers must deal after weather hamper this year’s harvests

While summer temperatures abounded this weekend, it was a completely different picture weeks ago when unseasonably warm and then chilly temperatures wreaked havoc on many farmers’ crops.

Farmers had to deal with late frosts, causing many to worry about this year’s harvest. This is particularly the case among apple farmers. Some estimates said that 50 percent of the apple crop was wiped out in that frost, WISC-TV reported.

Jerry Hahn runs his own operation, Jerry’s Apples, in the Town of Sun Prairie. He said some trees are normally loaded with growing apples this time of season. This year, there’s not a single one on a few of those trees.

Hahn said that he’s not devastated financially, but he feels for those farmers who are. The hot March weather foreshadowed a bad growing season for many of them.

“Well, I enjoyed the March weather myself, but I knew it was going to kick my butt come April. We knew but there wasn’t a thing we could do about it,” he said.

Hahn said his biggest concern now is having enough apples for the children and families come fall. He said the apples that are remaining are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.


So, he might have a few ready to pick by Labor Day with his other 40 or so varieties coming after that. He said he’s trying to make up the lost revenue with pumpkins and raspberries this year.

However, the biggest loser in this might be you the consumer. Hahn said he’s not raising prices, but with less supply and a big demand for apples here in Wisconsin, prices are probably going up at the store.