Farm dryer fire damage estimated at $65K

Farm dryer fire damage estimated at $65K

A dryer fire at a Janesville farm caused an estimated $65,000 damage Friday morning, fire officials said.

The Janesville Fire Department said crews responded to a report of a corn dryer fire at 5343 E. County Road MM at 7:15 a.m.

The first units on the scene reported that flames were visible. Workers at the scene were removing corn from the dryer as crews applied water to the dryer as needed.

The fire department said once the corn was removed from the dryer, the platform was placed into operation and set up to the south of the dryer. Firefighters cut observation holes into the dryer and used the fire hose to extinguish hot spots inside the structure.

Officials said the corn was not salvageable. The estimated damage to the structure was $20,000. Damage to the contents was estimated at $45,000.

According to the report, the fire was caused by heat and moisture. Milton and Footville fire departments assisted Janesville on the call.

Fire officials said the DeLong Co. has a grain operation at the farm.