Fantastic Fromage: This year’s favorite cheeses

It's hard to choose one favorite Wisconsin cheese
Fantastic Fromage: This year’s favorite cheeses

It’s hard to choose a favorite Wisconsin cheese, but this year’s winners embody an array of great options. Hook’s cheddars and blues are standouts, and Carr Valley‘s original Gouda is just the gateway to other off-the-beaten-path options. Here are two menu items that highlight these local winners.

Lucille‘s house-made pimento cheese spread blends Hook’s 10-year aged cheddar with piquillo sweet peppers, cream cheese, butter and spices for a bold, creamy and flavorful appetizer. Spread it over Potter’s rye crackers and olives for a perfect appetizer to share while you sip a cocktail and wait for your wood-fired pizza.

Carr Valley Cheese’s black sheep truffle cheese melds perfectly with Fresco‘s beef burger topped with mushrooms and crispy shallots. The semisoft sheep’s milk cheese is infused with bits of black truffle and melts richly on top of the patty. Chef Chris Myers says after trying many different cheeses for this burger, this one best supports the complex umami flavors of the mushrooms and truffle rosemary aioli.

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