Fans In Pasadena Have Fun Despite Loss

The outcome of the Rose Bowl may not have been what Badger fans in Pasadena had been hoping for, but they still managed to have a good time.

Before kickoff, Wisconsin fans were doing what they do best: Tailgating. Tens of thousands of Bucky-backers took over parking lots and other area around Rose Bowl Stadium Monday.

“We’re awesome. There’s no more that needs to be said about that. America knows what I’m talking about,” said Toni Faligant, a UW freshman who made the trip.

“It’s exciting. I have chills like every 10 minutes. When Wisconsin comes to the Rose Bowl, they take over the city,” said Jill Schlinger, who now lives in Los Angeles.

Fans took many different approaches to supporting their team out in California; one man shaved a motion W into his chest hair, and others carved a block of ice into the university’s logo. With an 82-degree kickoff, the sixth warmest in Rose Bowl history, the latter also helped fans keep cool.

Freshman student Liz Asher was so determined to get to the big game, she traveled more than a half-dozen times zones.

“I spent a week in London and flew right from there to here. I’m really jetlagged, but I’m really excited,” she said.

In the end, the Badgers fell to the Oregon Ducks 45-38, but fans were still proud of their team.

“It’s tough,” said Matt Lee, from Hudson. “This is bittersweet — (it was a) phenomenal game. I wish we could have pulled it out at the end. That fumble was tough.”

“That’s the way it goes. You win some, you lose some. The Badgers played their hearts out. And there’s nothing you can do but be happy,” said Nathan Lee, also from Hudson.

It was a tough loss, especially for fans who made the trip two years in a row, only to fall just short of victory. But many said they’re already excited about what could be in store for next season.