Fandom turns into marriage

Fandom turns into marriage

Middleton native Kate Queram married Brandon Wagoner in October. 

She is still basking in the glow of the honeymoon. 

“I always thought it was something people just said, but it (wedding day) was the best day of my life.”

Kate and Brandon have known each other for three years, but they didn’t meet like any average couple. Kate says they took online dating to a different level. 

“If we don’t want to get into the story, we usually just say we met online, but usually we don’t because it’s usually more fun to tell them that we met on an ESPN blog comments section.”

The two met on a portion of ESPN’s Big Ten blog usually reserved for armchair quarterbacks. Living in North Carolina, Kate wanted to chat with fellow Michigan fans, so she decided to start chatting with people in the comments section of the blog. She immediately became interested in Wagoner. 

“He caught my attention right away, because he could spell, which is big online.”

Shortly after that, they realized their connection included pig skin and grammar. They chatted online and spoke on the phone, before finally meeting more than a year later. Wagoner knew what people thought. 

“I knew it was crazy, but I couldn’t deny that I liked this girl. It just got more real after awhile and I realized this is an amazing woman.”

Today, Kate says her love for Michigan has waned.

“I’m just tired. It’s hard being a Michigan fan.”

Their love for each other has never been stronger.

“Six weeks in and we’re going strong.”