Family thanks Madison paramedics for helping during unexpected home birth

A Madison family has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

They’re celebrating the arrival of a new daughter, who at 11 days old is already having a big impact on her community.

Madison paramedic Michael Flores said Nov. 17 started like any other day.

“We started with a nice busy day,” Flores said. “The usual at Station 5.”

Kelsi Gygi, at 38 weeks pregnant, said Nov. 17 also felt like an ordinary day, until the contractions started. Kelsi and her husband, Kohl, reached out to their doula and realized it was time to have a baby.

“He is printing the birth plan, getting the bags ready, throwing stuff all over the house,” Kelsi Gygi said. “I was getting ready and then there was no chance I was getting off that toilet.”

They weren’t going to make it to the hospital and suddenly their birth plan had to change. They were having baby Madeline right now. Family thanks Madison paramedics for helping during unexpected home birth

Kohl called 911, and what started out as a normal day turned into a special one for the paramedics at Station 5.

“We were dispatched to Cottage Grove Road for an imminent birth,” Flores said.

By the time Flores and his partner arrived, the hard work had already been done.

“We heard Madeline and realized mom had taken care of the entire job already and made it easy for us,” Flores said.

“We sat there and waited,” Kelsi said. “And then we heard a knock at the door. We were like, ‘Thank God they are here.'”

On Wednesday, the entire family expressed their gratitude to their heroes at Station 5.

“It was an honor,” Flores said. “It’s the most joyous and positive things we get to share and be part of.”

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