Family of dog killed in burglary seeks justice; Dodgeville police provide new details

DODGEVILLE, Wis. – Outside the Iowa County courthouse Friday morning, Tracey Lease and her family gathered wearing matching t-shirts with the words ‘Justice for Dre.’

Dre was the 7-year-old pit bull killed in a home burglary last week. The Madison man police said is responsible is now facing five felony counts including the mistreatment of animals and use of a dangerous weapon.

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“It was devastating,” Lease said. “I mean there was no rhyme or reason for it whatsoever.”

According to the criminal complaint, 20-year-old Dejon Glover told police he recently lost his job and was facing financial difficulty. He said he targeted the home because his former coworker who lived there mentioned valuable items, including cash, were sometimes at the house.

The complaint alleges on June 22, Glover drove past the place he and his former coworker were employed to see the man still at work before making the trip to from Madison to Dodgeville with a loaded handgun.

Once there, Glover, in a mask, reportedly broke a window to force his way into the house. What he found first was a pit bull barking at him. He then allegedly shot the dog.

“That was a scream from her that I never want to hear again,” said Lease, referring to her daughter and the home’s owner. “He said he tried to calm him down and he couldn’t so then he had no other choice but to shoot him, which, his choice at that time should’ve been to walk away.” 

Glover then allegedly spent almost an hour in the house looking for valuable items before leaving the house with at least one bag and driving back to Madison. The complaint alleges he took a Mac computer, digital camera, $80 in cash and unknown medical pills.

“We could’ve replaced the camera and the computer, things like that, but he violated her house and killed our family member. You can’t replace him,” Lease said.

Dodgeville police reported after reviewing combined city, homeowner, and neighbor video footage, they were able to track the vehicle Glover was driving — which belonged to his girlfriend — and have it towed.

The following day, police said Glover called to confess to the crime because he didn’t want officers to assume his girlfriend was involved and because he knew his friend’s car had been towed.

At Glover’s preliminary court hearing Friday morning, he decided to not hear the evidence the state has against him. A judge set his bond at $7,500 cash.

Lease said for seven years, Dre had brought joy and comfort to their family. Since the initial shock of losing him, they’ve pulled together to stay strong with help from their community.

“People have stopped by with their dogs to give their condolences,” she said. “I kind of want to cry right now because it’s just amazing how people, animal lovers, whether it’s a cat or a dog, or you know any other animal, that people understand.”

She said her family is requesting Glover, in addition to jail time, be required to do community service with animals.

She also said they found a way to take their tough situation to do some good by raising money for the Iowa County Humane Society. They are selling T-shirts, dog food and blankets in honor of Dre through Facebook.