Family: Man fatally shot Friday was positive influence in community

Police investigate 2 shootings in Beloit; Unknown if deaths are connected
Family: Man fatally shot Friday was positive influence in community
Raymond Holloway

Twenty-year-old Raymond Holloway was the first great-grandchild in a family of 14 kids. Now family members said they’re missing a huge part of their community.

“We are missing our role model, our love bug…he loved everyone and everyone loved him,” said Miranda Conley, a cousin of Holloway.

Holloway was shot and killed Friday in front of his aunt’s house on the corner of Eighth Street and Highland Avenue in Beloit.

Conley said Friday two families lives were changed forever.

“They took two lives. A lot of people are going to suffer from this, his family, our family and everybody’s friends,” Conley said.

Family members said Holloway was known for his infectious smile and warm personality by his friends and family, a smile Conley said that will be greatly missed.

“He was a very lovable. We called him love bug, because he is our love bug. He loved everybody. He always showed the family love, and they took that from us,” Conley said.

Family members are now left wondering why this happened to a person they said was known for being a positive influence in his community.

“We all are hurt. We took a major loss (Friday). Our whole family is hurt by this, not just us; the city, everybody is hurt. We need justice and some answers,” Conley said.

Another shooting happened in Beloit shortly after midnight on Friday, resulting in the death of 36-year-old Edward Damont Haley.

It is unknown if the two killings are connected, police said. Police said detectives and officers will continue to follow up on any leads.