Family launches scholarship in honor of 21-year-old Verona man killed in crash

Family launches scholarship in honor of 21-year-old Verona man killed in crash

The family of a 21-year-old Verona man killed in a car crash is keeping his legacy alive with a scholarship to fund other young men’s dreams.

Will Kellerman was killed in a rollover crash outside Verona Saturday night. His father, Brian, says he was on his way from what he loved best – basketball.

“It was his second game of the year,” Brian says of his son’s last night, playing on the Milwaukee Area Technical College court, where he went to school. “It was perfect.

“He was in his element, he played great. He went out doing what he loved to do.”

One hour later, Kellerman was on his way to Dubuque to see his girlfriend when he crashed his car.

“[It’s like] God knew 7 p.m. was coming, and he said, ‘Will, today’s your day,” Brian remembers of that game.

Will’s friends and family can attest to his skills on the court. Others say he used those same skills in real life, too.

“He was a leader,” said Alan Buss, Will’s former coach at Verona High. “When Will was a senior, my son was a sophomore, and he took my son under his wing and did a lot of great things mentoring him.”

“He fell,” his mother, Kristin, said. “[But] he picked himself up and worked to get back what he lost, multiple times. He never gave up.”

It’s that mentality that Will’s parents are now taking on, with the plan of creating a scholarship program for kids who need a lift.

“He had many opportunities,” Kristin said. “Every kid deserves those opportunities.”

Opportunity 34 is named after Will’s own opportunity, and his jersey number. Verona High students who play basketball for at least one year would be eligible for the financial scholarship.

In that way, Will will never really leave the court.

“I think he’s going to live on with everything,” Brian said. “But every morning that I get up, I’m going to say good morning to him.

Kristin agreed.

“He’s going to be with us always.”

To learn more about the scholarship effort, contact The family also has a fundraiser here .