Family, former students bid farewell to state’s oldest active teacher

Eugene Olson taught at McFarland High School for 62 years

A Wisconsin educator is getting a fond farewell from family and former students.

At McFarland’s House Café, Eugene Olson’s art work was hung and flowers set up.

Known as Wisconsin’s oldest active teacher, 87-year-old Olson died last week.

Olson taught at McFarland High School for 62 years. He was head of the English Department, taught Latin and was an award-winning drama teacher.

His son, Bill Habich, spoke fondly of Olson.

“He was a kind teacher that would have stayed after class until you understood what was going on. He wasn’t like, ‘Well, I’ve got somewhere to be at 5 p.m.,’ and then go home. And he was a very good teacher, and that’s why his students loved him.”

Olson was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and quit teaching last year.