Family farm near Boscobel damaged during tornado

Farm damaged near Boscobel by tornado.
Farm damaged near Boscobel by tornado. Photo by Stephanie Fryer

BOSCOBEL, Wis. — A Grant County family’s farm was one of the dozens of properties damaged by a tornado Saturday night near Boscobel.

The family, who asked not to be formally identified on Saturday, has been living at the farm since 1967. Their land is located just outside of Boscobel city limits.

The couple tells us they were shutting windows inside their home preparing for rain when the tornado touched down suddenly.

Their home experienced minor damage during the storm, but a shed and barn were knocked down. The barn was built in 1910 and is more than 100 years old.

The family tells News 3 Now it’s sad to see their property damaged, but the important thing is nobody was injured.

According to the Grant County Emergency Management,  21 homes were damaged by the storm. Of those, six were destroyed.

As for sheds and barns, 11 outbuildings were destroyed and ten experienced major damage.

Hundreds also lost power during the storm, but utility crews anticipated having electricity restored early Sunday morning.

No injuries were reported in this storm.

Volunteers interested in helping families with the cleanup process are asked to check this Facebook page around noon on Sunday.