Family claims Faith Gardens mistreated mother

Family claims Faith Gardens mistreated mother

The family of a former resident at Faith Gardens claims their mother wasn’t properly taken care of during the time she lived at the facility.

Alice McGaw, an 84-year old resident at Faith Gardens Memory care, was found dead outside the building in December. Preliminary autopsy results say she died of hypothermia. Lea Crouch, whose mother is a former resident at the facility, claims her mother was not properly taken care of during her time at the facility.

Crouch’s mother, Jeanne Putnam, was a resident at Faith Gardens from 2015 to 2017. After the first year, she says, she started noticing problems, including frequent unexplained bruises and sores on her mother’s body that were never reported.

“The black and blue marks she had on her face periodically. They were never documented. We never knew anything about those until we got there,” Crouch said.

Crouch also claims her mother did not get the proper prescriptions as a resident and was at times left unattended and without proper help.

“My Mom had ants in her room and that was never taken care of. I think she was left on the toilet quite a few times by herself. I just got to my breaking point and said we are getting her out of here,” she said. “It was very sad to go and leave her there and walk away and you knew things weren’t being done.”

When she addressed issues with the facility, she says, they would either claim there was not a problem or would say they are working on issues to address certain concerns. Crouch said despite her repeated conversations with the administration, her concerns were never handled.

“It was a total lack of respect for the elderly. They were treated like they were in the way basically. Their needs were not met. I’m embarrassed to even say we had my mom there,” she said.

Jeffrey Bartzen, an attorney representing Faith Gardens, told News 3 in a statement that the facility “was not aware of any dissatisfaction” by the Putnam family. Bartzen also responded to News 3’s report last week of an employee alleging that Faith Gardens lacks proper training and that a door was incorrectly left open.

“There is no lack of training. Faith Gardens takes training and protocol very seriously. They acknowledge that different employees may experience situations differently, but training is taken very seriously,” said Bartzen. “With regard to the door, this is a matter of continuing investigation, but Faith Gardens is a secure facility and protocols are constantly being reviewed. Despite vigorous monitoring, an unfortunate situation occurred.”

Records obtained by News 3 show the facility was cited in December for eight violations two weeks before McGaw’s death.

Bartzen said he plans to look into Putnam’s file more closely, but said he does not believe Crouch’s allegations on how the facility treated her mother are true.

Family claims Faith Gardens mistreated mother