Families plead for CBD oil legalization; Walker says he’ll support

Bill would allow CBD with doctor's certification

Parents are once again asking lawmakers to legalize marijuana extract for medical use.

Known as CBD or cannabidiol oil, families say it helps treat childhood seizures.

Loved ones of those who suffer from seizure disorders testified to the Assembly Committee on Children and Families Wednesday. The new bill would legalize possession of CBD oil with a doctor’s certification.

Lawmakers passed a measure in 2014 that ultimately didn’t expand access to the oil because it required a rare FDA waiver. The measure was called “Lydia’s Law” after Lydia Schaeffer, whose mother Sally worked extensively on the measure.

“I shared her because we were out of options and we needed another option,” Sally Schaeffer told lawmakers Wednesday. “I played everything by the rules back then. I lived by the law and I didn’t get it. I didn’t do it illegally, I waited for the law to pass and I still lost out.”

Lydia died weeks after the legislation passed.

“If I had to do it over again I would do things differently,” Schaeffer said. “I would do things differently to save her because as a parent that was my job. I was supposed to save her and I couldn’t. So you need to be responsible and help.”

The bill seems to be on a path to passage in the Legislature this year. The state Senate passed the measure overwhelmingly last week, and the Assembly passed the bill last session and support this time seems similar.

Gov. Scott Walker indicated Wednesday that he’d support the measure as currently crafted as well.

“As long as it stayed that focused I’m willing to support it,” Walker said. “As long as it’s not so broad as to open the door toward legalizing marijuana in the state.”

Under the bill, parents would still have to get the oil from out of state, but they would not be penalized for having it in Wisconsin as long as they had a doctor’s permission.