Families lobby for review of officer-involved deaths

Families lobby for review of officer-involved deaths
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VIDEO: Families lobby for review of officer-involved deaths

The families of three men killed in officer-involved shootings are lobbying lawmakers to pass a bill that would establish independent reviews of officer-involved deaths.

The parents of Paul Heenan, the father, mother and stepmother of Michael E. Bell and the mother of Derek Williams Jr. are spending time at the Capitol Friday to lobby in support of AB 409.

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of the death of 30-year-old Paul Heenan. He was not armed when he mistakenly entered the wrong house in Madison, two doors down from his own one night in November 2012. Officers responded to a report of a burglary at the Baldwin Street address and Heenan was shot outside the home.

Madison police officer Steven Heimsness was cleared of wrongdoing by authorities after internal reviews.

Bell died in an officer-involved incident in Kenosha. Williams died in an incident in Milwaukee.

Bell’s father, Mike Bell, took out a three-quarter page ad in USA Today in support of the bill. Copies of the paper are being handed out to lawmakers at the Capitol on Friday.

A public hearing on the bill is expected in early December.