‘Falls short of the needs of Wisconsinites’: Assembly Republicans signal they won’t approve Senate’s COVID-19 relief bill

MADISON, Wis. — Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke released a statement Tuesday in response to the state Senate’s passage of a COVID-19 relief bill.

Steineke expressed disappointment in the decision to pass the bill, which he believes “falls short of the needs of Wisconsinites.” Gov. Evers said Tuesday afternoon he would sign the relief bill if it clears the Assembly.

“The message from our neighbors and communities has been loud and clear: we must open our state while keeping our vulnerable safe,” Steineke said in the statement. “Instead of listening to our hard-working families, the Senate approved a bill that fails to provide protections for places of worship. It fails to allow those who want to opt out of the COVID vaccine to do so. And finally, it fails to prevent local health officers from shutting down local businesses on a whim without approval from elected officials.”

Steineke said he will “continue to advocate for the priorities of our constituents” as Assembly members move toward a response to the decision during the next floor period later in the month.