Fair Maps Coalition holds rally at State Capitol calling for non-partisan redistricting

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s Fair Maps Coalition is once again making a push to redraw the state’s electoral districts as lawmakers are re-introducing redistricting reform.

Democrat State Senator Jeff Smith and Democrat State Representative Deb Andraca are proposing the redistricting legislation that would take the drawing of the state’s districts out of the hands of the legislature and make the process non-partisan. Currently, the boundaries are drawn by the State Legislature, leading to critics saying the state’s politicians essentially get to “choose their voters,” as opposed to voters choosing their legislators.

“Politicians have access to databases of information and mapping technology that allows them to pick their voters literally house by house and block by block using highly sophisticated algorithms,” Smith said during Monday’s rally. “The system is broken but we can fix it.”

The rally held outside the Capitol on Monday afternoon also featured both Republican and Democrat former legislators speaking in support of non-partisan redistricting.