‘Extremely complex investigation’: Son of missing Windsor couple held on $10K cash bond; charges expected later this week

MADISON, Wis. — The son of a missing Windsor couple is being held on a $10,000 cash bond after prosecutors argued for bond to be set as high as $1 million.

Chandler Halderson, 23, appeared in court Monday for a bail hearing after he was taken into custody last week for providing false information related to the investigation. Deputy District Attorney William Brown asked the court to issue the million dollar bond for Halderson, despite not yet having formally filed charges against him.

Brown said the state plans to file charges against Halderson by Thursday.

Halderson’s father, 50-year-old Bart Halderson, was found dismembered in the Town of Cottage Grove last week. The Dane County Medical Examiner said the elder Halderson was shot to death. As of Monday afternoon, 53-year-old Krista Halderson was still missing.

“At this point we have an extremely complex investigation,” Brown said. “We have a defendant who had six days, essentially, to hide evidence of his crime and lied to police in the course of this missing persons investigation which he instigated. He has lied dozens of times in the course of this investigation. He is now seen leaving the area in which the dismembered remains of his father were found with gunshot wounds, and police are obviously still engaged in an extremely broad search for the remains of his father and of course his mother. She still remains a missing person.”

Defense Attorney Catherine Dorl said during the hearing that if the state wants a high bail, it needs to file charges in court.

“We don’t detain people without charges being filed,” Dorl said. “It’s sort of a bedrock of what we do in the United States.”

Dane County Judge Mark Fremgen ultimately ordered the $10,000 bond because of the lack of charging documents. He added some cash was necessary to ensure Halderson doesn’t flee.

Halderson’s next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, July 15.