Experts say while staying safer at home, kids need to get outside and play

Kids Playing Outside Basketball

MADISON, Wis. — While families are staying home and social distancing, it’s still important to make sure kids get outside and move.

With most in-person activities, and even school work, going virtual, it’s no surprise we’re probably looking at our screens more and more.

But experts suggest parents limit screen time for kids to just two hours a day. That includes tablet, television, and cell phone time.

Dr. Daniel Beardmore, a pediatrician at SSM Health in Janesville, said kids need a minimum of an hour of play per day, but the more the better.

“If you can get outside and get some fresh air, get some sunlight, get out of confined space, that’s going to be so good for mood and mental health. For the parents as well,” said Beardmore.

He said play and physical activity “have a ton of lifelong benefits.”

Beardmore said keeping your kids active on a regular basis will lead to reduced cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity later in life. And play is important for their growth.

Kids learn how to interact with others, boundaries and limits, and confidence as they try new things.