Wisconsin expert predicts there will be a shortage of eventual COVID-19 vaccine

Even when the vaccine becomes available, it might not be safe for everyone to get vaccinated

MADISON, Wis. — There are still many questions about the eventual COVID-19 vaccine. Doctors say that because medical experts are compressing the 12-year period it would normally take for a vaccine to become available into a 12-month time frame, they are cutting a lot of corners.

According to the President and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin Dr. John Raymond, even when a vaccine becomes available, there won’t be enough of it to go around and certain people will get priority.

“When we do have a vaccine, they will most likely be in short supply,” Raymond said. “I would imagine they would be used first in high-risk adult populations, such as the elderly, residents and staff of nursing homes and long-term care facilities, and people with diabetes, hypertension, obesity or heart disease.”

Raymond says because they are cutting a bunch of corners to get a vaccine out as soon as possible, that means that 12 years worth of pre-clinical trials, safety trials, regulation standards, manufacturing and quality control will be skipped over.

“Because COVID-19 vaccines are being developed with unprecedented speed, there’s also the added concern of whether there will be adequate safety testing for children when the vaccine is made available to the public,” Raymond said.

There will still be a lot of unknowns when a vaccine is available to the public, and according to polls, not everyone is willing to get the vaccine.

“Most epidemiologists are estimating that 70-80% of people need to have immunity from COVID-19 for there to be effective herd immunity and we still don’t know whether COVID-19 antibodies, whether from previous infection or from a vaccination, can offer long-term protection from a secondary infection.”

When a vaccine does become available, it will be up to the public health department on whether or not kids will be required to get the vaccine in order to go to school or daycare.

In the meantime, experts still encourage everyone to please were a mask when out in public.