Experts: Gas prices could continue to drop

Madison average is $3.05 per gallon
Experts: Gas prices could continue to drop

Gas prices are at their lowest point in nearly four years, but officials said they could go lower.

The national average is now at $3 a gallon, and prices in Madison have dropped nine cents from a week ago. The average in Madison is $3.05 a gallon.

The reason for the drop is the decreased cost of crude oil. The price for crude oil has dropped $20 since June.

The drop also comes from a switch to a winter blend gasoline, and experts said there is still a chance drivers will see prices drop even lower.

“We might see it drop a little bit more, maybe another 10 to 15 cents at the very most, but probably not the same 30 cents a month that we’ve been seeing over the last few months,” AAA Wisconsin Director of Public Affairs Nick Jarmusz said.

Experts are estimating an increase in gas prices come spring as more people hit the road and the summer blend gasoline is used again.