Exact Sciences expansion to change Research Park culture

Exact Sciences expansion to change Research Park culture

Research Park on Madison’s west side is about to get an upgrade, because Exact Sciences decided to expand at its current location instead of moving its headquarters downtown.

The 31-year-old park is home to 125 different businesses that employ 3,800 people. But during that time, the research industry has also made changes, including a recent push for the kind of campus places like Google, Facebook and even Epic, in Verona, offer their employees.

“We need to evolve as well and create an environment where companies can interact easily and where they can spill over into these third spaces and have casual encounters and lunch meetings and coffee meetings,” Research Park Managing Director Aaron Olver said.

Research Park has already brought in food carts to the heart of its campus on a daily basis, but Olver said they hope to bring in restaurants and coffee shops to help facilitate a more collaborative atmosphere, which is an idea Exact Sciences is on board with.

“I think any type of spaces that encourage people to get together, to talk over some kind of common topic, even to bond and build relationships amongst each other, is important,” said Sarah Condella, Exact Sciences’ human resources director. “So whether it’s restaurants, coffee shops or just spaces where people can hang out and be together, that would be beneficial for our culture.”

There is no timeline for when Exact Sciences’ expansion will begin.