Ex-QB Jim McMahon talks of early-stage dementia

McMahon among dozens of retired players suing NFL

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon is suffering from early-stage dementia, and he said if he could do it over, he wouldn’t play football.

In an interview with Chicago’s Fox Network affiliate WFLD-TV, airing Wednesday, the 53-year-old McMahon said he knows where he’s going when in an airport. But when he meets people, “I’m asking two minutes later who was that?”

McMahon also said when he gets voice messages from friends, he forgets who called after deleting the message.

McMahon led the Bears to the 1986 Super Bowl victory over New England. He is now among dozens of retired players suing the NFL for concussion-related dementia and brain trauma.

Knowing now the effects of the punishment he received in his 14-year NFL career, McMahon said he’d play baseball instead.