Everyday Kitchen delivers Wisconsin fare with a twist

Everyday Kitchen is a chef-driven restaurant that incorporates local ingredients into its modern American comfort food dishes.
Taylor Green in the patio space of Everyday Kitchen
Photo by Sharon Vanorny
Chef Taylor Green

Executive Chef Taylor Green has wanted to be a chef since busing tables in high school and watching cooks dart about the kitchen. Despite graduating from college with plans of becoming an English teacher, he was pulled back into restaurant work after getting a chef job at 21 years old. “I was freshly able to drink and I was running a kitchen. Not well, mind you — I was young,” says Green.

For the past 13 years, he has honed his craft, attending culinary school and working in Colorado for eight years before he moved to Madison. Green has led the team at Everyday Kitchen in Shorewood Hills since it opened in June 2020.

Madison’s Everyday Kitchen is one of three locations (the others are in Champaign, Illinois, and Louisville, Kentucky). Since each restaurant has its own head chef, the three Everyday Kitchen concepts are chef-driven with individual menus. “We like to say that we’re not sister restaurants or brother restaurants, we are cousins,” Green says. At every location, the menus are distinctive so the talents of the chef and the food can better reflect local fare. “We really want to let our chefs have a voice,” Green says. “That’s not just including me, that’s also my sous chefs.”

Green calls his take on modern American comfort food “Wisconsin with a twist,” as he aims to take dishes popular in the Midwest and bring them into a modern era using locally grown and created ingredients. The food changes seasonally to keep the products as fresh as possible. Throughout the menu, you’ll find recognizable names such as Nueske’s, JBC Coffee Roasters and Carr Valley Cheese. “That’s what we are all about — supporting those around us,” Green says.

Three Favorites from Everyday Kitchen

Pig Out | Spitfire Berkshire Pork Chop

pork chop topped with cranberry sauce and charred fennel

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

Everyday Kitchen tweaks the offerings seasonally, but a spitfire Berkshire pork chop with varying preparations stays on the menu. The spit roast is essentially a giant rotisserie over a grill, and Green says it’s a kitchen tool the team loves to use whenever they can. They have a half chicken on the menu, along with occasional specials, including roast beef. The most recent iteration is an orange-marinated Berkshire pork chop with cranberry sauce, charred fennel, walnut powder and a port wine and rosemary gastrique.

A Chef’s Meal | Wild Mushroom Ragu

bowl of wild mushroom ragu at Everyday Kitchen

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

After a night in the kitchen, Green says chefs typically don’t want to cook for themselves. This means they’ll often eat something simple like ramen or pizza. The wild mushroom ragu is Green’s “take on a fancy Italian-style ramen” that combines bucatini pasta, wild mushrooms, white miso broth, herbs and a baked Parmesan crisp. Green has an Italian background and he’ll frequently adapt some of his family’s recipes and traditions at Everyday Kitchen.

Cheesy Goodness | Buffalo Cheese Curd Tempura

cheese curds covered in tempura

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

Like any classic Wisconsin restaurant, Everyday Kitchen has cheese curds on the menu, but Green takes the favorite to a new level using a tempura batter and Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery’s white cheddar cheese curds. In addition to ranch, the curds come with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Green says living in Wisconsin means having access to great cheese, so he showcases local dairy farmers whenever possible.

What is Lodgic Everyday Community?
Everyday Kitchen is one branch of the larger Lodgic Everyday Community, a multifaceted business containing a restaurant, Lodgic Workplace, Lodgic Events and Lodgic Kids Camp, which is a licensed childcare facility. Madison’s Lodgic is the second location for the business; the first is in Champaign, Illinois, and the third is in Louisville, Kentucky. The building has coworking spaces, individual offices, meeting rooms and rentable desks. All the entities of Everyday Kitchen are run by parent company and nonprofit Moose International.Proceeds from the restaurant and from the other branches within Lodgic go toward Moose International’s community efforts.

Find Everyday Kitchen: 2801 Marshall Court, 470-5500, everydaykitchen.com

Maija Inveiss is an associate editor of Madison Magazine.

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