Evers: Can’t wait to replace UW regents

Evers: Can’t wait to replace UW regents

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tony Evers can’t wait to replace his University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents colleagues.

Evers made the remarks during a protest Wednesday over plans to cut 13 liberal arts majors at UW-Stevens Point and a $250 million cut the system took in the 2015-2017 state budget.

Evers serves as state schools superintendent, which automatically makes him a regent. He says UW-Stevens Point’s cuts could trigger system-wide liberal art cuts.

Advocates for the cuts say employers want workers with science and math backgrounds. Evers said that’s “bull (expletive).” He said the school is eliminating programs because it can’t afford them anymore.

He says he can’t wait to replace the regents as governor.

Regents President John Behling said in an email he’s disappointed with Evers’ comments and Evers shouldn’t politicize the regents’ hard work.