Evers adds $2.7 million to programs targeting domestic violence, homelessness

Tony Evers
Gov. Tony Evers discusses his Clean Energy Plan at Madison's fleet facility April 19, 2022.

MADISON, Wis. — Local programs combatting domestic violence and homelessness got a boost Wednesday.

Gov. Evers announced a $2.7 million dollar investment supporting the Sojourner Family Peace Center and expanding the Safe Shelter and Homelessness and State Shelter Subsidy grant programs.

Sojourner operates and coordinates the Milwaukee County Domestic Violence High Risk Team. The group will use $1 million from the state to hire more staff and respond better to cases with a high risk of lethality.

“This money will save lives,” Sojourner president and CEO Carmen Pitre said. “The Domestic Violence High Risk Team was launched in 2017 without the funding needed to support the work.”

The State Shelter Subsidy grant program will receive $500,00. The grants are meant to help families dealing with homelessness find employment, manage finances, and continue education for children.

The state will also give $1.2 million to the Safe Shelter and Homelessness grant program, which helps homeless Wisconsinites find shelter during the cold months of the year.