Event focuses on curbing heroin epidemic in Sauk County

Event focuses on curbing heroin epidemic in Sauk County

Community members in Sauk County met Tuesday night to discuss the dangers of the heroin epidemic.

More than 200 people piled into the River Arts Community Center for “Stairway to Heroin,” a speaking event and resource fair that brought law enforcement, medical experts and former addicts together to help fight the drug.

If you met Cora Hatfield one or two years ago, you would never have guessed that she would be helping to run the event.

“I’m volunteering, handing out programs and working the sign in table,” she said.

Volunteering at the event was a major departure from her former life as a heroin addict.

“I was addicted for about three years,” Hatfield said. “It tore my life into pieces.”

If it weren’t for Sauk County nurses, police officers and judges, Hatfield would’ve been put in jail or worse.

“My mom actually passed away of a heroin overdose and my brother is actually incarcerated for a very long time because of heroin as well,” she said.

Hatfield is grateful for the compassion and second chance she’s been given, and she is now a part of the Sauk County drug court team.

“All lot of the programs that are here tonight have helped me in my recovery,” she said.

More than 200 people attended the Stairway to Heroin event, which was dedicated to discussing the deadly drug and how to fight it.

“We have so many agencies that are at the table and working together and every agency donating their time and their efforts in trying educate the community and come up with some solutions,” said Jodi Bruni, a public health nurse for Sauk County.

Hatfield is living proof that the community effort is working.

“I’m so happy this is where I am in life,” Hatfield said.