Evansville school staff to discuss security with police after attempted stabbing

PD: Former student tried to attack administrator

Members of the Evansville Community School District plan to meet with the Evansville Police Department on Monday to talk about safety and security protocols after a former student tried to stab an administrator.

Police said 18-year-old Katelyn Frame tried to attack a staff member just before 9 a.m. Thursday. According to the school district, Frame graduated in the spring.

District Administrator Jerry Roth said all security measures were followed leading up to the incident. He said Frame came in through the main entrance of the high school after buzzing in at the front door and requested to speak with Brian Cashore, the high school associate principal and athletic director.

“We put cameras and electric monitoring systems at each entrance of each school. You are unable to enter the school unless you push a button to ring a bell, which will then cause an administrative assistant to greet you, ask you your purpose for being there, welcome you into the building and then allow you to move on to who you need to see while you are in the school,” Roth said.Evansville school staff to discuss security with police after attempted stabbing

Cashore took Frame back to his office, where he could tell she was agitated and thought she might have a weapon, according to Roth.

“He immediately contacted the high school principal, asked him to enter the room and while in the room, the former student took out a knife and lunged at Mr. Cashore in an attempt to stab him,” Roth said.

Jason Knott, the high school principal, and Cashore were able to detain Frame until police arrived. Roth said Cashore had subtly mouthed to an administrative assistant to call police as he asked Knott to come into his office.

“I’m very proud of them. I look at them as heroes because they took a situation that could have been harmful to somebody and a very serious matter and were able to take control of the situation till police got there,” Roth said.

The school was placed on lockdown for about 20 minutes. The school district sent a letter to parents afterward explaining what happened. The letter said no one outside of the high school office was ever in danger, and neither administrator was hurt.

Roth said the two administrators knew how to handle the situation because they had been trained using the A.L.I.C.E. protocol , an acronym for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

“They followed that protocol to a T and were very successful in their response,” Roth said.

All staff members received the training for the first time in the spring. Roth said there will be a refresher course this year, and the school district will also teach students in “age-appropriate ways” how to respond to an armed intruder.Evansville school staff to discuss security with police after attempted stabbing

Evansville Police Chief Scott McElroy said he was very pleased with how the school handled the situation. He said the school staff did most of the work and police just put the handcuffs on Frame and took her to the Rock County Jail.

Roth said school district officials and the police department planned to meet Monday to talk about the district’s safety protocol, how they managed during this situation and what they can do to improve the procedures in the future.

“There’s always room for improvement,” Roth said. “When an event like this happens, that’s when things come to light on how you can improve things.”

Roth said the district also plans to meet with a large group of administrators in the near future to review the district’s safety plan, look at different software packages they use to manage safety and security and look at how they communicate internally and externally before and after incidents.

According to police, Frame is facing charges of disorderly conduct while armed, second-degree recklessly endangering safety and possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds.

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