Weekend Soundtrack: Our top new releases for Mother's Day weekend

MADISON, Wis. - A busy weekend of new music is sure to make this a memorable Mother's Day weekend. Indie rock hallmarks Arctic Monkeys and Beach House both have new albums out fitting with the rainy spring forecast on tap. The best gifts keep on giving, but if you're looking for something to give to your hip mother, these albums will certainly keep on spinning. Here is our daily breakdown of the best new music this weekend:

Friday- "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino" by Arctic Monkeys

The highly anticipated return of the Arctic Monkeys is being welcomed with some confusion from some fans and contentious reviews from some critics for being repetitive and maybe a little too weird. If you're looking for an album similar to their successful 2013 album "AM," you'll have to look elsewhere. However, this album may go down as their best release yet. The album's title alone should give you an idea that this won't be a straightforward rock and roll album. With elements of David Bowie, early Pink Floyd and the vibe of a dystopian Las Vegas lounge, the band has made their most sonically interesting album. If you're looking to sit in a dimly lit room with your favorite drink in hand tonight while watching the rain fall, "American Sports," "Star Treatment" and "The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip" should help you settle in. Yes, that last one really is called "The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip."

Saturday- "7" by Beach House

If your mother has been asking for a vacation, but you don't have the money, the latest release from Beach House just might do. Similar to the rest of their discography, "7" manages to take you somewhere without leaving your house. The seventh proper release from the dream pop darlings is full of mellow synths, keyboards and soaring vocals. While some of the songs may not be quite as perfect as the songs on 2015's masterpiece "Depression Cherry," the album as a whole feels more complete. "Pay No Mind," "Dark Spring" and "Girl Of The Year" will help get you through a rainy Saturday morning of errands. 

Sunday- "Cosmic Wink" by Jess Williamson 

The still relatively unknown California transplant singer-songwriter Jess Williamson returns with her third album. If you're still looking for an album to take you out of winter hibernation, this might be the one to do it. Catchy hooks, sunburned California grooves and clever lyrics create a fun late night driving album. If you or your mother is a fan of Jenny Lewis, Jessica Lea Mayfield or Courtney Barnett, you might as well add Jess Williamson to the list. If there was ever an album to watch the sun go down on another weekend, this would be it. 

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