High school revises Brian Wilson's F in music from 58 years ago

Beach Boy, 75, visits alma mater for overdue A

Fifty-eight years after receiving a failing grade from his high school music teacher, The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson received a long overdue A on the song that would become the band's first single.

Wilson visited his alma mater, Hawthorne High School in Los Angeles County, California, on Jan. 15, NPR reported. There, his teacher, Fred Morgan, gave him an F on a ditty that turned into "Surfin," The Beach Boys' breakout hit in 1961.

Hawthorne's current principal, Dr. Vanessa Landesfeind, issued a correction, revising Wilson's academic history and giving him an A.

Other notable Hawthorne High School alums include the rest of the original lineup of The Beach Boys: Brian Wilson's brothers, Dennis and Carl; their cousin, Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine.

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