Enjoy Pi(e) Day 7 ways

This weekend's pop ups and promos are all about pi(e).
A half eaten blueberry pie on a table with a knife.
Whether you prefer sweet or savory, this weekend promises a variety of pies and fun in celebration of Pi Day.

The arrival of March 14, aka Pi Day, this Saturday means only one thing: pie. While the mathematical constant 3.14 is the number behind the excitement surrounding this once-a-year festivity, you don’t have to like math at all (or understand it) to enjoy a piece of your favorite type of pie. And in Madison, we are fortunate to not only have some great spots for your next slice, but some of Madison’s best chefs and food purveyors are getting in on the pie-making action. If you are a pie lover of any kind, keep reading for a list of this weekend’s Pi Day events sure to fill your stomach with desserts, pizzas and other pie-themed treats.

Friday, March 13
Hubbard Avenue Diner, known for pies that appeal to the eye and palate, is serving up some delicious desserts in honor of Pi Day. The two-day celebration of Pi Day at Hubbard starts on Friday, and will offer customers options of Key lime pie, French silk pie, and pie-shaped brownies and frosted sugar cookies. Dedicated regulars can also get their slice for free if they wear a Hubbard T-shirt! Pre-order before the end of the day on Wednesday, because these pies are likely to sell fast. $3.14 per pie slice. 7 a.m. on March 13 to 9 p.m. on March 14. Click here for more information

If pies aren’t your preferred dessert, The Conscious Carnivore is offering its spin on the idea of traditional pie. The premier butcher shop made a specialty menu of pie-themed breakfast sausages in the following flavors: chicken pot pie, blueberry maple pie, cherry graham cracker pie and sweet potato pie, all made of Berkshire pork. Items will be offered while supplies last, but will start selling on Friday. Click here for more information

Saturday, March 14
Preorder some pie from Cow & Quince during its Pi Day! Pie Day! event, but good luck making a decision. A variety of house-made sweet and savory pies will be available, including a gluten-free peanut butter pie with chocolate shortbread crust, citrus meringue, mixed local berry with streusel topping and a salted honey pie. Cow & Quince will also offer house-made frozen pizzas made with organic flour and local ingredients. Click here for more information

The Pi Day at Market Street Diner and Bakery event is another way to enjoy some delicious diner classics made from scratch. Your favorite flavors of pie slices will be served for the price of pi, $3.14, for you to enjoy in the diner or elsewhere. You should maybe consider taking a whole pie home to family and friends. 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Click here for more information

Elemeno’s Weekly Pop Up is offering both pie and non-pie options at Café Domestique this Saturday. Stop by for toasted grain tea, Origin Bread and salted whipped cream and hand-pulled spelt noodles and vegetables in beet broth. For pie, there is a savory sweet potato and oyster mushroom tart as well as a wild honey pie with American hazelnut crust, aronia berries and wildflowers. Elemeno locally sources all of its ingredients – with the exception of salt and baking soda – from small Wisconsin purveyors like Savory Accents, American Hazelnut Co. and Harmony Valley Farm. 6-9 p.m. Click here for more information

A Pop Punk Pi Day event is taking place at BarleyPop Live this weekend to honor March 14. Celebrate with friends over apple pie shots, select beers for $3.14, a pi memorization contest and a free pizza pie. Plus, enjoy musical performances from groups like MIDSUMMER, Common Threads, Cleveland Avenue and more. $10. 8-11 p.m. Click here for more information

If you happen to be shopping at Metcalfe’s Market for groceries this Saturday, don’t miss out on an opportunity for a quick pie sampling. Celebrate Pi Day with Metcalfe’s means samples of the market’s tastiest pies, and maybe some dessert inspiration for upcoming holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and the Fourth of July. 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Click here for more information