Emotions behind protesters paint picture of concern about future

PHOTOS: Right-to-work debate at the Capitol
Brothers Trevor and Will Kramer returned to the Capitol after being arrested earlier today protesting.

Amidst the protests and debate surrounding the right-to-work bill four people were arrested, but the emotions behind the protests paint a picture of those so concerned a right-to-work bill could harm the future.

Angry protesters were hauled off early in the Senate’s right-to-work debate as emotions boiled over from those who think the idea is wrong.

PHOTOS: Right-to-work debate at Capitol

One of the people arrested was father of two Will Kramer. The former safety consultant is not a union member.

“If this bill goes through, unions will be weaker. More employees will be hurt. More employees will die,” Kramer said.

Kramer is still trying to make sense of why he was arrested.

“Until they dragged me into the elevator I was trying to stay where I was, because I felt like I had the right to be there,” Kramer said.

Kelly Albrecht said she got lost trying to find a restroom when she was detained. She’s here because of her 21-year-old son.

“He comes home Friday afternoon. He says, ‘Mom, I’ve got to find another state to live in because there’s no way I’m going to survive,'” Albrecht said.

Janesville electrician Bill Grove took in the debate on his smartphone.

“I would hope someone would get the message this is ignorant. It makes no sense to do,” Grove said.

What has been seen at the Capitol over the last couple of days is a counter-protest to those who do not like right to work.