Emmy Rossum, Kristen Bell and more celebs share their ‘weight’

Emmy Rossum is sharing her weight.

The actress/director is one of several celebrities taking part in a social media movement called “I Weigh,” which encourages women to look at weight as more than just a number on a scale.

In a photo posted to her Instagram story Thursday, Rossum writes that her weight is, “3 best friends since kindergarten. Drive. Kindess. Empathy. Jewish and proud. Makes friends with strangers. Daughter. 100 + hours of television. The courage it takes every day to overcome ptsd. One happy marriage. 3 episodes of television directed.”

The “I Weigh” movement was started by “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil. She’s launched an Instagram account on which she posts a spectrum of women sharing their “weight.”

One of Jamil’s co-stars also took part in the challenge. In May, Kristen Bell posted a photo to her Instagram story in which she said her weight is, “A passion for equality. A partner who challenges me to see all perspectives. An emphasis on giving to others. Two children who keep me laughing. The scar on my stomach that reminds me I did something extraordinary. Friends who double as family. Fiercely fighting for the underdog. A job that fully engages my brain.”