Middleton elementary students raise money for Robb Elementary in Uvalde

MIDDLETON, Wis. — Students at Elm Lawn Elementary School are doing their part to support the victims of last month’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Fourth-grade students raised $3,000 by selling raffle tickets for themed baskets. For teacher Jodi Alt, the effort was born out of conversations she had with her students.

“The day after the shooting we had a class talk about some of the feelings kids were having,” Alt said. “We started out offering fourth graders the option to make cards to send and from there we talked about what else could we do.”

Once they landed on the idea for a raffle, the students got down to business. Groups of three students each made a different themed basket, with help from parents. In total, the students made 13 different baskets and sold tickets.

“It’s a Saturday or a Sunday and I’m getting an email from a kid like ‘Ms. Alt I got a donation,'” Alt said. “They’re ready and willing and want to give and want to work hard.”

Alt was able to connect with administrators at Robb Elementary School, where the shooting took place. Now, she and her students will be able to donate directly to the school’s parent-teacher organization.

“Our hope would be that they do things for staff to you know, bring in coffee, or take the kids to a bowling field trip or do things to help them build their school community,” Alt said.

Alt and her students also organized a garage sale, with money raised benefiting Robb Elementary School.