Elevate your work-from-home office space with local items

If you haven’t already, now is the time to upgrade your at-home office space with lamps, organizers, calendars and more to keep you on-task.

Working from home is no longer just a temporary setup for many folks, but rather a semi-permanent state that has snuck its way into the sanctuary of our personal space. Combating a case of the workday downers while getting the kids situated, feeling pressured to do laundry or with a dog pawing at your feet is no easy task — and one that not even the most gorgeous at-home offices can fully alleviate.

But who says we shouldn’t try?

Brightening your space with lamps or plants can help boost your mood throughout the day, while organizers, calendars and planners will keep you on-task even when the world feels like it is falling apart. If you haven’t already, now is the time to upgrade your at-home office space.

Whether you have piled your belongings on the kitchen table or prefer to hide out in the basement all day, adding a few of these items to your workspace will add a bit of fun to the daily grind.

The essentials: There are a few things that every office needs — a chair, a space to work, some lighting and somewhere to put your supplies. For starters, plop yourself on a new mod, spinny or statement office chair from A1 Furniture. Brighten it up with a table lamp of your choice from Madison Lighting, like this enchanted butterfly, sleek retro unit or futuristic sphere. Some intriguing bookends — we especially love these whimsical coral pieces — will add a special touch while also keeping your books upright and organized. Some calming wall art or storage trays from local artist Kinga’s Etsy shop will add a level of sophistication to your office, but these fun sticky notes, a glasses holder and pencil cup will cover the playful side of things. You can never have too many notebooks, and Hazel General Store has plenty of printed ones to pick from. A perpetual calendar and a chic clipboard from Wildewood will keep you on-task, but we can’t promise you won’t be too distracted by all your new desktop additions.

Storage: It may not be as unique as ceramic hedgehogs stuffed with pencils, but storage is extremely important in any office space. Start small with a magazine rack from Madison Modern Market, or maybe this oversized rattan tray from Nest Interior Design. Want to take it up a notch? Consider investing in a bookcase, like this towering, eccentric wire structure from Brown & Beam. Soft and non-breakable items can be tucked away in a set of straw or beaded baskets from Calabash Gifts, and doodads and gadgets will go perfectly in an adorable acrylic box from Good Day Shop. Even your tissues can be stored in style with the help of these local stores.

Treat yourself (while still working): Regardless of your job, how many hours you work or any other factors, you deserve to treat yourself just a little bit during the day. Glitter pens from Anthology will snazz up even the most boring reports, or can add an extra sparkle to your midday doodles in this Schitt’s Creek coloring book. A Buddha board — which you “paint” with water to watch slowly fade away — is a sweet stress reliever between meetings, or you can opt for the traditional stress ball or thinking putty route with the help of Little Luxuries Madison. Spritz some room spray to keep your workspace fresh throughout the day, and feel free to add some houseplants to the mix, since this self-watering system will save you the time and hassle.

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