Elementary school bus goes into ditch on Highway M

Bus driver concerned about kid acting up tries to pull over, officials say
Elementary school bus goes into ditch on Highway M

A bus went into a ditch Monday afternoon after a child on the bus acted out and the bus driver attempted to pull over, officials said.

Dane County dispatch said a call came in at 3:05 p.m. for reports of a bus that went into a ditch at 4721 Highway M.

Middleton Cross Plains School District spokesperson Perry Hibner said the child was running around the bus, and the driver was worried that something might happen so he pulled over

The bus was probably going about 25 miles per hour, and when the driver tried pulling over the bus rolled into the ditch, Hibner said.

Officials said the bus went off the roadway, but did not hit anything and no one was injured. A second bus responded to the scene to continue transporting the students.

The bus was carrying Northside Elementary School students, and about half of the students had already been dropped off, Hibner said.