Election rally at Capitol puts pressure on Vos, GOP

MADISON, Wis. — Days after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos extended the Gableman investigation into the summer, the “toss Vos” refrain could still be heard at a rally Saturday questioning the results of the 2020 election.

“Toss Vos — the man needs to go!” said Joe Giganti, a conservative radio host who spoke at the rally.

The rally also featured Tim Ramthun, a state representative who is now running for governor. He said in an interview with News 3 Now that he could only speak about the campaign while off the Capitol square.

“When I get back on the Capitol grounds, I’m not a gubernatorial candidate, I’m a 59th Assembly rep,” he said. “I’ll be speaking about my resolution, and what I’d like to see done with that resolution.”

That resolution: to decertify Wisconsin’s 2020 election results — something that Assembly Republican leadership had previously killed, and a legal maneuver that a Gableman-affiliated attorney has said is not possible.

Ramthun said he has refiled the resolution, so it could be brought back up if legislative leaders have a change of heart.

Also speaking at the rally was former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman — making an appearance for the first time since his investigation was extended by Vos.

Gableman said there needs to be change in “that building,” gesturing to the Capitol behind him. Ramthun also pushed for more in the investigation.

“As he pokes the issues around where the money went with Zuckerberg and Michael Spitzer Rubenstein and the ‘big five,’ I’d like to see that investigation element continue,” Ramthun said.

The extended investigation will focus on ongoing litigation, according to Vos. A Waukesha judge is still deciding a case over whether Gableman has the authority to jail mayors for failing to testify in his probe. Arguments in that case are scheduled for July.