Election officials address COVID-19 safety concerns ahead of Election Day

MADISON, Wis. — Dane County election officials say they have had to return over 100 mail in ballots due to ballot mistakes. While it’s a small number compared to the total numbero absentee ballots they’ve received, they say it is still a concern for the department as Election Day is just days away.

Ballots can be rejected for voter errors like not signing in all the right places, missing an address, or being mailed in too late.

“Make sure they are signing in the line that says voter signature, make sure the witness is signing in the area that says witness signature and making sure the witness is putting their full physical address in the line that it describes,”said City of Madison Deputy Clerk Jim Verdict.

Masks are not required to vote in person by law in the state of Wisconsin, but all locations will encourage their use. Poll workers are encouraging voters to take advantage of curbside voting this year to avoid possible long wait times.

“Our poll workers are required to wear masks, it’s not an option for them it’s part of their employment with us,” said Verdict. “We have a lot of hand sanitizer, we are disinfecting high touch areas regularly throughout the day. Our folks that are doing curbside voting are wearing both masks and face shields, we have gloves available to our voters if any voter comes if without a mask we certainly have masks for voters to wear.”

Verdict says if you are voting as a family or with a group of friends its best to create a safety checklist to make sure you have all materials and can look over safety measures ahead of time.