Elderly woman notifies Madison police of phone scam

Woman hung up, did not send cash
Elderly woman notifies Madison police of phone scam

An elderly woman notified Madison police after receiving several phone calls asking for bail money for her neighbor’s grandson.

The 84-year-old woman told police she answered two phone calls Monday night. The first came around 9 p.m. with the caller asking for Grandma. She told the caller she did not recognize the voice, but that it could be the grandson of a neighbor. The caller said that’s exactly who he was. The caller told the woman he was in Los Angeles and needed bail money for a drunken driving arrest. He told the woman he did not wish to tell his family. The woman asked how much was the bail and the caller responded, saying his attorney would give her a call back.

The woman received a second call about 11 p.m. The caller claimed to be the attorney of the previous caller and bail was set high at $9,200. When the woman said she would not pay that much, a second voice came on the line saying a lesser amount of cash would work.

Police said that’s when the woman told the callers she would not send any money and hung up.

The following day, the woman learned her neighbor’s grandson was in the area and not in Los Angeles.

She contacted Madison police’s Self Report Unit to report the scam.