Elderly man accused of secretly taping interns

81-year-old denied knowing about cameras

An elderly man in Oneida County is accused of secretly taking pictures of two men staying in his home.

Prosecutors said 81-year-old Elmer Goetsch had secret cameras installed that were filming interns that lived in his house.

Court documents revealed that one of those men stumbled across a camera, finding more when he looked closer around the house.

“Some of them, at least, were what they call pinhole cameras, which I understand to be an easily-concealed type of camera,” said Scott Moller, Oneida County assistant district attorney. “And essentially, it looks like cameras were set up in a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom.”

Geotsch is well-known in the community, serving on local boards and committees.

Authorities found a recording device in his bedroom, but he denied knowing about the cameras.

Geotsch is due in court next month.