Eighth Air Force veterans honored for service to country

Veterans donate binders of historic data to Veterans Museum

On the 68th anniversary of D-Day, dozens of World War II veterans were honored for their bravery in battle in downtown Madison.

Veterans in the Eighth Air Force Historical Society-Wisconsin donated 40 binders filled with their wartime stories and historical data to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

They took a VIP tour of the museum and had an honorary dinner at Madison’s Essen Haus.

“It is like a walking history lesson,” said Cindy Drehmel, vice president of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society-Wisconsin. “You know, you can read history any day of the year. But, when you find out true history and you find out what these people did for our freedom, it’s really amazing.”

All of the veterans served in the United Kingdom on B-24 and B-17 bombers during the war, Drehmel said.

They joined the Eighth Air Force Society to teach the community about their experience at war and protecting freedom.

The Eighth Air Force Society-Wisconsin is comprised of World War II Eighth Air Force military personnel, veterans and supporters.