Editor’s picks: 3 winter wardrobe essentials

The cold calls for warm layers and knee-high boots
Editor’s picks: 3 winter wardrobe essentials

Flat boots
There are so many styles available now–do you go for a kicky short Western bootie, or an OTK (that’s over the knee for fashion neophytes) version? (Or both? Hey, I don’t blame you). But for chilly temps, I think every woman needs a great flat, sturdy knee-high boot in black or brown leather to walk all over Madison winters. The practical Midwesterner in me loves that they keep my legs warm(er) and slips are less likely to happen with a durable rubber sole. Be sure to give your boots some TLC and treat them before bad weather hits with a leather protectant spray to prevent damage.

A blanket scarf
Go big or go home. Larger than a regular scarf, a blanket version is super chic and can be worn indoors as part of an outfit and outdoors for arctic temps. I like the extra protection against cold winds that a blanket scarf lends when tucked into my winter coat.

A signature coat
Well, yeah. But blend fashion and function in your outerwear by choosing a topper that’s in a happy hue, faux fur or even patchwork for a 2016 update. Another cool (we had to) choice is Maison Scotch’s coat in a crisp, chic shade of cream. It’s everything great about winter in one package–unexpected color, cuddle factor and warmth.