Editorial: You did it!

Editorial: You did it!

We asked for your help. And you did it.

Several weeks ago, we explained that the extraordinary Benevolent Specialists Project Free Clinic in Middleton had lost its funding base and was in danger of closing, depriving an estimated 1,000 low-income people without insurance a year from needed specialty care, such as ophthalmology and cardiology.

BSP volunteer nurse Valerie Heinzen told us “after a massive awareness-raising and fundraising effort, donations began flowing in. The gloom of BSP’s potential closure was replaced by joyous optimism.

“Thanks to many generous benefactors, the clinic should be able to keep its doors open for the coming year. The staff and 70-plus volunteers send out a huge, heartfelt thank you. Because of your generosity, BSP will continue to serve as a shining example of our community collectively opening its heart to those in need.”

This is a wonderful outcome on so many levels. We just want to thank everyone involved.

Editorial: You did it!