Editorial: Working together to build a stronger community

A graphic for Neil Heinen's January 26th Editorial

MADISON, Wis.– We really appreciate the feedback you’ve given us on our editorial agenda for this year. Indeed the issues we’ve identified, safety, school, equal opportunity and our environment are concerns many of you, we believe all of us, share.

We chose those words to provide us the broadest possible canvas on which to depict the values and priorities and aspirations and worries that are part of our daily lives. And we want to emphasize the essential role the media plays in helping navigate these issues responsibly, honestly and truthfully.

But one last thought – our editorial board wants to push the envelope. We’re tired of talk and no action. You’ve told us you are too. We want change and we’re willing to ruffle a few feathers to do that. In 2020 it’s all about citizens, communities and institutions working together. That’s you and us. That’s democracy, and it starts with addressing shared concerns.