Editorial: Working together in the best interests of this state, nation, world


MADISON, Wis. — We might as well admit up front this is one of those editorials that are more hopeful than realistic.

Appeals to reason have little chance of getting through in these times of obsessive partisanship. But with the nation in the midst of tension and uncertainty, both globally and domestically, we’re struck by how helpful and hopeful it would be to have our Congressional delegation offer some kind of message of bipartisanship and leadership.

With one seat vacant, our seven Representatives and two Senators, five Republicans and four Democrats, are to a person principled, smart and caring public servants. None is particularly well-served by their party leadership or the Administration, but none is inclined to make waves.

But we’re not talking about making waves. We’re talking about sending a message during some pretty tense and worrisome times that the Wisconsin delegation can put partisanship aside and acknowledge the willingness to work together in the best interests of this state, this nation and this world.