Editorial: Wisconsin In Tampa

State's presence will be felt.
Editorial: Wisconsin In Tampa



There’s going to be a Cheesehead or two, literally and figuratively, in the Tampa convention hall over the next few days. And since one of them is going to be nominated to be vice-president of the United States you can bet WISC news will be there too. It is newsworthy enough that Kenosha’s Reince Priebus is wielding the convention gavel, and that Governor Scott Walker’s delivering a prime time address. But when a born and still living in Janesville guy becomes this state’s first major party presidential ticket nominee that kind of seals the deal.

Watch if you want to celebrate. Watch if you want to know what you’re up against. But if nothing else watch to see how Wisconsin is influencing American politics this week in Tampa and next week in Charlotte. We’ll be there to help bring you the stories, the speeches and the news.