Editorial: WISC Editorial Agenda 2012 – Positive Change

Culvers and Madison Community Foundation's visonary giving.
Editorial: WISC Editorial Agenda 2012 – Positive Change



Opening up the first section of the Wisconsin State Journal Wednesday morning, there were back to back stories that just kind of said it all about the giving nature of our community. On one page you’ve got the story of the new Prairie du Sac library opening in the former Culvers headquarters thanks to the Culvers donating the building in matriarch Ruth Culver’s name. And on the next page you have the Madison Community Foundation awarding the Madison School District a $350,000 grant to expand outdoor, garden based education programs at 15 schools.

Gifts of the magnitude of both of these are of course significant to any community. But a new library from a special family to the community in which it grew, and critical funding to connect kids and healthy food through the schools, strike us as really special examples of positive change from pillars of civic life in the greater Madison region.