Editorial: White people must call out racism

MADISON, Wis. — The other night I saw a T-shirt with the message “Silence is Violence.” We cannot be silent, and that is particularly true right now when white people are aware of the racist threats, aggression and terrorist behavior of other white people.

That was the situation last Sunday during a training session Dr. Alex Gee was conducting on Zoom for 70 white allies. According to one participant, the Zoom meeting was hacked by what she described as some of the most vile, racist and obscene rants she had ever heard. She rightly suggested to me that when any untoward behavior is perpetrated by African Americans there is a call to assemble “Black leaders” to address it. Where, she asked, are the calls for white leaders to address the racist disruption of Dr. Gee’s session?

Silence is violence. If white people do not condemn the ugly terrorism of white supremacy, they are complicit. This was despicable. It’s up to white people to stop it.