Editorial: What we can do to help others

Editorial: The Safest, Fairest Thing To Do Is Postpone Next Week’s Election

MADISON, Wis. — One of the more hopeful and reassuring responses to the coronavirus crisis we’ve heard is a familiar one from this community: How can we help?

This pandemic affects every one of us, and yet many of us are looking for ways to help others.

One suggestion we’ve heard from a number of folks is to donate their federal relief check to someone who needs it more than we do. There are a lot of nonprofits and service providers who could use the money to take care of vulnerable adults, children and families.

For example, the Lussier Community Education Center on Madison’s far west side is inviting people to sign a pledge online to donate their check. Lussier will randomly draw from among the families whose kids attend after school programs and give every dollar from each check donated to a family. Forty donors have signed up so far. Shared concerns, shared help. We think that’s great.