Editorial: What voters need to know

Editorial: What voters need to know

Agree or disagree, the recall election is Tuesday and there is absolutely nothing to be gained by sitting it out.

In fact, if there is anything positive about this absurdly expensive do-over it is the level of civic engagement by citizens unseen in these parts in a long time.

But while the unbridled passion will likely fuel turn-out, there is also the risk of it leading to confusion and impatience.

To avoid that, and make this election as efficient as possible after four whirlwind weeks of campaigning, we direct your attention to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s web site and the “Top 10 Things a Wisconsin Voter Should Know for Election Day.”

It’s all about making the trip to the polls Tuesday as easy as possible, starting with rule number one, be patient and use common sense.

It also reminds you that registered voters do NOT need an ID, what not to bring, and what to do if you have any problems.

It’s going to be a busy day. Make sure you do it right.